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  • Mine is bigger than yours is contest 2012

    Win 500 free cuttings! 

    Welcome to the 2012 hybrid poplar growing contest.

    Here’s how it works:

    All contestants will be given (60) hybrid poplar cuttings (free including shipping).

    All contestants will receive (20) each of OP-367, DN-34 and 49-177.

    All cuttings will be shipped on April 23rd 2012.

    You may plant the cuttings as soon as they arrive.

    The cuttings may be planted in any manner you wish as long as it is outdoors and not in a container.

    Cuttings can be fertilized, watered, pampered,  pruned, or cared for in any other way you can dream up.

    You are encouraged to post progress pictures as your cuttings grow.

    The tallest tree on September 1st, 2012 will be deemed the winner.

    In the event of a dispute, reserves all rights to make the final decision.


    Grand Prize:

    (500) free hybrid poplar cuttings of your choice for spring 2013 delivery.

    Runner Up Prize:

    (250) free hybrid poplar cuttings of your choice for spring 2013 delivery.

    How to enter (and get your free cuttings):

    Post a link on your favorite blog/forum/website that includes this link:

    Email a link to your post to to enter.

    An example post would look something like this:

    BigRockTrees is having a contest to see who can grow the tallest hybrid poplar in 5 months.  All I had to do to enter was post this link:

    (2) people are eligible from each site, hurry before someone else gets the free trees.

    Good luck and have fun growing!


    We have reached the maximum number of entries for this season’s contest.  Thanks to those who entered.  Cuttings go out on the 23rd, watch for pictures!

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