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    Living Willow Dome

    Last spring my son Jake and I built a 8 foot wide, 5 foot tall willow dome.  This was the 2nd dome we installed at our home in West Central Wisconsin.

    Site preparation consisted of clearing the ground of all vegetation so we could install the landscape fabric.  The fabric keeps the weeds down and the moisture in.  Allowing the dome to grow with less competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight.  Here is the 1st step once we had completed:

    Willow Dome 4

    Ground cover fabric, ready to begin installing the dome!


    Using a piece of chalk, after finding the center of the fabric, we marked the locations for each willow whip:

    Fabric, marked with whip locations.

    A planting bar was used to create holes for the whips:

    Planting bar making a hole.


    After installing the main whips, they were tied down in pairs using plastic zip ties to hold them securely.  We chose to make our dome just a little under 5 feet tall, so we overlapped the whips slightly more than we had to.

    The structure is starting to take shape.

    The structure is starting to take shape.


    The secondary whips were installed at an angle next to the main whips.  It takes some work to get the holes in deep enough in our rocky soil, but with a little effort, we managed to get them all installed.


    Secondary whips installed and ready to be tied in place.

    Secondary whips installed and ready to be tied in place.


    With the secondary whips tied down, the final shape is established and it is really looking good.

    Finished dome, ready to grow.

    Finished dome, ready to grow.


    As you can see from the smile on his face Jake is excited to play in the dome as it grows and continues to take shape.  (Now if I could just talk him into a hair cut!)

    A smiling young man.

    Notice the wide opening for the door.


    This was a do-it-yourself project.  We didn’t have any instructions, had to layout all of the whip locations by hand, and do some math to get the spacing just right.

    All of our Willow Structure Kits come with full instructions, all materials needed to build, and ground cover fabric clearly marked for all whip locations.  Keep an eye on the store, as we are adding additional kits often!

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    (We will update this post in the spring to show you how the dome is doing!)

    -The Waltons


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