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    Giant cuttings – Buck Rubbing Posts

    The idea behind rubbing posts is to draw deer to a known location near a treestand.  Think 20 yards off the edge of a field in front of one of your favorite setups.  The idea of cutting down a basswood tree and ‘planting’ it in the field has been used by many people for the last few years.  The problem is, the basswood tree is only good for one season.  And you usually have to add the licking branches manually with some lumber and fasteners.  We were hoping to come up with a way to plant a permanent rubbing post.  Below you will read about our success and failure with this experiment.

    In the spring of 2014 the cutting crew planted some really big cuttings.  We used 3 year old Hybrid Poplars that had been planted too close together and needed to be thinned.  We cut them off at the ground giving us a really big cutting to plant.

    20+ foot cutting, ready to plant.